Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and COVID-19 Early Treatment Pioneer Endorses Nevada Governor Candidate Joey Gilbert

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko says Gilbert is a force of “decency and good.”

RENO, Nv. – May 12, 2022 – New York physician and creator of the Zelenko Protocol for COVID-19 treatment, Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. has given his endorsement of Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert.

Dr. Zelenko stated, “I fully endorse Joey Gilbert to be Nevada’s Governor. He knows how to kick ass. We are privileged to live when forces of decency and good can destroy evil in all its forms. We need new leadership with a clear moral compass and respect for the sanctity of life.”

Gilbert responded to the endorsement, “It’s a great honor to be recognized by the courageous and brilliant Dr. Zelenko. He put his life and livelihood on the line in defense of health and human rights to medical freedom. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his efforts and dedication.”

Zelenko is a Ukrainian-American physician and author known for developing a protocol of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc sulfate and azithromycin as an early treatment for COVID-19. Using the regimen now known as the Zelenko Protocol, Zelenko has treated over 1,450 coronavirus patients with a 99.9% success rate.

With his own community of Monroe, New York being hard hit during the early stages of the pandemic, Zelenko pioneered the protocol out of necessity. At a time when hospitals were out of beds and treatment centers were shut down, his practice grappled with a 500% increase in the number of patients seen. Zelenko responded to the dire need for early treatment in an outpatient setting, and once proven successful, the use of his protocol was adopted internationally, inspiring thousands of physicians and scientists to advocate for the early treatment of COVID-19.

Although the protocol has proven highly effective, it was met with fierce opposition. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health issued warnings against HCQ for COVID-19, and legacy media vilified its use. Despite these obstructions, several physicians from around the world nominated Zelenko for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for his research and pioneering of the lifesaving protocol.

For the past 25 months, Gilbert has been fighting to ensure medical freedom and access to early treatment for COVID-19 and to end the unconstitutional response to the pandemic by opening churches, schools, and businesses in Nevada and throughout the nation.

About Joey Gilbert:

Joey Gilbert has fought to win his entire life. Fighting for himself as a boxer, he was a three-time national champion, four-time All American, Golden Gloves Champion, and a professional boxing champion. At one time Gilbert was ranked number three in the world by the WBC.

Since retiring from boxing and becoming an attorney, “The People’s Champ” has continued to fight for others.

• As the “Best Personal Injury Attorney” and owner of the “Best Law Firm in Reno” (2021), Joey Gilbert has helped hundreds of clients find justice under the law.

• Fighting to protect every resident in Nevada from Covid mandates and government overreach for over 2 years, Joey has led the legal battle to keep businesses and churches from being unlawfully closed down.

• As Chairman of the Board and Director of Strategy for America’s Front-Line Doctors, Joey continues the fight to give every citizen their Constitutional right to “Choice—NOT Coercion” regarding health care decisions.

Today, Joey Gilbert has chosen to engage in the most important fight of his life: protecting the quality of life and lives of ALL Nevadans from the growing list of future-threatening issues that too many governors—Blue AND Red have allowed to continue.

If you go to Joey’s website at you’ll find the detailed solutions that NO other candidate has regarding: taking back our public schools, ensuring election integrity, stopping the current crime wave, strengthening and inflation-proofing our economy, turning our current water shortage into a surplus, and much more.

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