Election Integrity

As your Governor, I will do everything in my power to secure and protect the integrity of our elections.

Election experts are virtually unanimous in their conviction that these machines have NEVER been fully reliable and harbor flaws that can be exploited. There is NO justification for continuing to use them.

Furthermore, the machine source code holds critical verification data, but they won’t release it to be audited. If we can’t audit the machine source code to ensure proper verification is happening, they cannot be trusted. Without the machines, hand-count paper ballots with signature verification are the only way to ensure votes are legitimate.

That’s why I’m calling for the Secretary of State to require a hand-count paper ballot election.

This step, together with increasing the number of bi-partisan poll worker teams AND signature adjudicators for mail-in ballots, would IMMEDIATELY give Nevada the best possible chance for an honest election in 2022.

Once elected my team and I will restore people’s trust in our election process.

On Day 1, I will immediately:

  • Institute voter ID & proper signature verification
  • Clean up the voter rolls
  • Do away with insecure universal mail-in ballots, while only making them available for military and indefinitely confined citizens
  • Work to decertify and replace unsecure voting machines with reliable paper ballots

This work will begin with the smaller counties where we can make a rapid impact on the local level with the backup of the Governor’s bully pulpit.

As you read this, we are working to get the Secretary of State and County Commissioners in all seventeen counties to refuse to certify our current voting machines.

If you’re in Washoe County, join the Republican Central Committee. If you’re in Las Vegas, join the Clark County Central Committee.

Whatever County you’re in, be sure to join the local Republican committee. Become a precinct captain, committeeman, and volunteer.

Next, form an Election Integrity Subcommittee, assign Precinct Captains, become poll workers, not watchers! Watchers are only able to witness fraud taking place. Workers can stop it when they see it. In Washoe County, they are already making a big difference!

Start canvassing, door-knocking, and volunteering.

We all must get involved to secure and protect Nevada’s future.

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