With the least water resources of any state, we MUST have safeguard our precious resources

The organizations that oversee Nevada’s Colorado River water rights will be closely monitored and supported to help ensure that our most essential natural resource is fully protected and wisely distributed.

Agriculture uses 70% of Nevada’s water, while only 17% goes to personal use. Working with nationally-recognized experts on alfalfa irrigation, I’ve found that helping farmers use more efficient irrigation methods could save 30-40 PERCENT of the amount of water currently used for irrigation, while maintaining the same level of alfalfa production…or even higher!

This would mean that our state could operate with an annual SURPLUS of water!

We will help the mining industry continue to do whatever is required to keep our ground water safe.

I will stop the irresponsible wasting of federal dollars on vaccine lotteries, and instead, fund and reward research projects that find better ways to conserve Nevada water.

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