NV Energy Needs – Now and in the Future

Quite frequently, Nevada USES more electricity than it produces within the state.

We compensate for this by buying the extra electricity we need from other states.

NO ONE would say that this is an ideal situation for Nevada’s energy future.

70% of NV’s electrical generating plants are powered by natural gas. That would be a good thing, IF…Nevada had ANY significant amount of natural gas of its own – which we do NOT. We have to buy almost 100% of it from other states.

To clarify: If these other states decided to stop selling Nevada natural gas…we would LOSE 70% of our electricity.

Our state is blessed with many options for renewable energy. Solar and geothermal sources produce about 30% of our electricity…but it’s still not enough. There is much research being done – and much hope for the future, for what is known as Modular Nuclear Power Plants. ‍ These are very small nuclear plants for generating electricity that could help meet our electrical needs more safely and efficiently than was done in the past.

But this is in the FUTURE, and we need to take IMMEDIATE steps to secure OUR energy needs NOW.

As Governor, I would look at the entire state energy profile I’ve described.

I would do everything possible to get us AWAY from relying on OTHER states’ resources to meet OUR needs for electrical power.

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