Joey Gilbert’s Response to Governor Steve Sisolak’s State of the State Address given February 23, 2022

RENO, Nev. – February 24, 2022 – Governor Steve Sisolak chose to deliver his 2022 State of the State Speech in a mostly empty football stadium.  Based on his talk’s false claims, omissions, and unrealistic mention of a never-gonna-happen second term, a more appropriate venue would have been Disney’s Fantasyland.

“BUY them off!” – Sisolak didn’t have the moral courage to spend Nevada’s surplus federal money on educating parents how to save money, plan carefully for children, take care of their own offspring. and buy their own homes.  He preferred to try and buy votes for November by investing more millions in government-sponsored childcare and subsidized housing that will increase the size of – and dependence on our welfare state.

“PAY them off!” – The governor euphemistically acknowledged a slight crime problem in Las Vegas. He chose not to detail the epidemic of shootings, stabbings, car-jackings, and riots that have enveloped even Strip casinos. Nor did Sisolak attribute the source of our national crime grade of “F”: to the lenient, Leftist laws and judges that he supports. His proposed solution?

Give pay raises to our State Police – (If salary bumps are as desperately needed as he claims, why didn’t he do it 4 YEARS ago?)

“Hire more police” – (We’d have plenty of police officers if Sisolak’s Covid mandates and the anti-law enforcement legislature he supported hadn’t driven hundreds of officers into quitting.

“I Care…Really I Do” – The biggest lie in the Governor’s speech (and it was a REAL battle for First Place) was Sisolak’s claim that he “did everything (he) could to keep businesses open” during the past 2 years.

Las Vegas had a higher percentage of permanent business closures during the past 2 years than any other Metro area in the nation, and our unemployment was the country’s highest.

Contrast Sisolak’s quarantines/shut-downs/threatening of businesses, schools, and churches, with Florida’s everything-open/no-mandates approach. Which leadership style – Sisolak’s or Desantis’ – did exponentially MORE damage to its state’s economy, children, schools, and families, AND resulted in far-higher Covid rates?  You know the answer.

“Millstone” delivery for Mr. Sisolak? – Jesus said that anyone who knowingly harms a child would be better off being thrown into the sea with a “millstone” tied around their neck. Sisolak’s most morally bankrupt moment was his dangerously delusional statements and omissions regarding our worst-in-the-nation schools. Particularly in Clark and Washoe Counties, our children are being beaten, raped, stabbed, shot, brainwashed with Leftist teaching and perverse sex education curriculum, and taught almost NOTHING (80-95% are functionally illiterate!). 90% of our graduates don’t qualify for ANY college class. Teachers, also, are assaulted on a daily basis. And what did Sisolak have to say about that?  That he’s working to keep his “…promise to give our kids a first-rate education.”

The Governor boasted of his future plan to “MAKE community college free”. He apparently doesn’t know that for any student who can prove financial need, not only has community college BEEN completely free for over a decade, but the grant package ALSO provides recipients with $500 per MONTH of spending money.

The Governor inserted a self-congratulatory remark that he “donated every penny” of his salary for the past 2 years to our public schools (about $300,000).  Given that the state spent $15 BILLION on education during that time, we thank the governor for reducing the education budget by 2/1,000ths of 1%.

But in the interest of full disclosure………given the $30M that Sisolak made by successfully suing the airport and Clark County a few years ago, I don’t think his $300,000 tax-deductible donation is going to prevent him from paying his future bills on time.

While he was on the topic of money, the Governor could have finally explained a 5-year mystery. Neither Sisolak – nor his campaign contributor and gubernatorial candidate Sheriff Joe Lombardo have ever fully accounted for the $31.5 MILLION that was raised for the 2017 victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Welcome to America’s First Sanctuary State  With Nevada having the highest percentage of illegal immigrants in the nation, you or I would have thought that surely, the governor’s speech would have mentioned how he plans to solve Nevada’s out-of-control immigration problem – or why he has supported his partner-in-crime Sheriff Lombardo’s refusal to cooperate with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).   But you or I would have thought wrong. Sisolak didn’t mention immigration.

Sisolak lacked the “Energy” to do his homework – Sisolak praised the anticipated super-growth of solar energy in Nevada, and the positive impact this would have on “Climate Change.”

Missing from his talk about solar energy and protecting the environment was the ground-water pollution wave that is predicted over the next 20+ years when millions of aged-out and toxic solar panels have to be buried in landfills.

The governor also neglected to mention that Nevada relies on natural gas-fueled generating plants for 70% of our electricity.  This would not be a problem IF Nevada HAD any significant natural gas deposits – which we don’t – so we buy it all from other states.  What is the governor’s plan if/when these states decide not to sell us any more natural gas?  He didn’t say.

Water Shortages – “Doing nothing while continuing to blame Climate Change” Sisolak’s speech made no mention of Lake Mead being 2/3 empty.  No mention that his refusal to resolve this self-inflicted water shortage means that when Las Vegas residents turn on the tap, they’re filling their glasses with 90 million gallons per DAY of sparkling, refreshing, treated SEWAGE.  This situation continues solely because the Governor refuses to enact a key part of my campaign platform’s solution. Sisolak could reduce our state’s annual water usage by over 40% and solve our shortage by persuading farmers to use efficient irrigation methods and work out a shared use plan with Northern and Southern Nevada interests.

In closing, Governor Sisolak waxed philosophically that in spite of ALL our problems, “Life is really about making things better for the people we love.”

I wonder how sincere Sisolak’s words sounded to the thousands of families whose lives were ruined when his unnecessary mandates destroyed their businesses?

I wonder how sincere his words sounded to the families of the people who needlessly died from Covid because Sisolak denied access to medicines that could have cured them?

I wonder how Sisolak’s words sounded to the families of our 445,000 school children who are being cheated out of their education and their futures because the Governor refuses to fix – or even tell the truth about our broken schools?

Nevada voters: Please hang my response to the Governor’s speech on your refrigerator doors, so you’ll remember these facts when casting your ballots on June 14 and November 8.

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