Joey Gilbert Video Announces Date for Conceding Primary Election

“I will concede that I lost the election NEVER!”

RENO, NV. – August 4, 2022  Joey Gilbert, Nevada GOP Governor candidate, released a video today announcing that he would NEVER concede that he lost the June 14 Primary Election. You can view the full video here:
“How can you concede you LOST something that was—in fact—illegally TAKEN from you?” asked Gilbert.

Gilbert’s video, released this morning, explains how the 55,000 ballots that were manipulated in Clark County alone were enough votes to give him a landslide victory state-wide. The detailed explanation, evidence, and proof of how the ballot count was manipulated will be posted on Gilbert’s website (

“Our research and legal team, headed by Robert Beadles, filed our legal contest in Carson City’s District Court on July 15,” stated Gilbert. “Our hearing is scheduled to begin August 12 or soon thereafter. If our judge is an honest, God-fearing individual—impartially weighs the evidence we’ve presented—and follows the US Constitution, then we will prevail.”

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