Oklahoma Businessman, Pastor, and Candidate for U.S. Senate Endorses Nevada Governor Candidate Joey Gilbert

Jackson Lahmeyer calls Joey Gilbert a Defender of Liberty

RENO, Nev. – March 10, 2022 – U.S. Senate candidate Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer is among the many uncompromising America First supporters to endorse Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert.

Lahmeyer is a businessman, teacher, family man, and pastor running for the U.S. Senate. The 4th generation Oklahoman is a proven leader who does not waver from his Christian principles even under political or legal pressure. In the face of lawsuits from Tulsa County and attacks from far-left activist groups, Lahmeyer fought relentlessly and succeeded in keeping his church and businesses open during COVID-19 lockdowns.

“The Governor’s fear-mongering, medically incompetent over-reaction to Covid-related issues, including, most notably, his intentional banning and refusal of early treatment, life-saving medications and his callous effort to exploit this situation for partisan and personal benefit is fading…” Said Joey Gilbert, Gubernatorial Candidate in 2022. “my unique background and legal expertise—along with my proven ability to fight future government overreach in whatever form it takes—is what truly sets me apart from every other candidate running for Governor in 2022.”

As the radical left seeks to divide and conquer based on race, gender, religion, and class, thereby undermining our constitutional rights and traditional values, Lahmeyer has expressed frustration with Republican politicians failing to fight for their constituents. “Our country is in a lot of trouble, and unfortunately, people on our team, Christian conservatives, we may have good people, but we don’t have fighters, and that’s the reason we’re in the mess that we’re in right now.”

Lahmeyer, an Oral Roberts University graduate (Magna Cum Laude), is poised to oust incumbent U.S. Senator for Oklahoma James Lankford. Exasperated after Lankford’s betrayal of President Trump on January 6, 2021, Lahmeyer stepped up to fight for Constitutional Rights and our national identity. Lahmeyer recognizes the same unyielding spirit in fellow patriot Joey Gilbert: “Nevada is very fortunate because you guys have a fighter running for governor and his name is Joey Gilbert.”

In his endorsement of Gilbert, Lahmeyer praises Gilbert’s passion for defending the Constitution and our God-given Rights. “We need fighters who will fight to defend the rights that God has granted us. The government doesn’t grant us our Rights, God grants us those rights, and the government is meant to defend them. Joey Gilbert will be a defender of Liberty.”

You can view Jackson Lahmeyer’s full endorsement video here:


About Joey Gilbert: Known as “The People’s Champ”, Joey has built a prestigious career as an attorney, former world-ranked middleweight boxing champion, Nevada Golden Gloves boxing champion, three-time National Collegiate boxing champion, four-time all-American, and a US Air Force Veteran.

Since March 2020, Gilbert has filed lawsuits against Nevada’s politically motivated & corrupt Governor to open churches, and won, sued to make early treatment medication accessible to all Nevadans, filed a lawsuit, and is currently in federal court in Las Vegas against the mask mandate on Nevada’s school children, and most recently filed a lawsuit, and is back in court challenging the mandatory vaccination of university students — especially those who have recovered from Covid-19. “I am not slowing down; I will remain in the fight for bodily integrity and our God-given constitutional rights”.

Joey is also Chairman of the Board and the Director of Strategy for America’s Frontline Doctors, where they have been involved with filing more than a dozen lawsuits across this nation on behalf of our military, healthcare workers, teachers, and students with regards to the unconstitutional mandatory vaccination orders of our corrupt government. Joey has been leading a crusade for the people —FOR THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICE & to leave personal medical decisions up to “WE THE PEOPLE” and PARENTS.

For more information about Joey Gilbert and his Nevada gubernatorial campaign, visit https://www.gilbertforgovernor.com/.

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