Nevada Globe: Gilbert “Knocked It Out of The Park” at Keystone Gubernatorial Debate

According to Founding Editor of Nevada Globe, Megan Barth, attendees said Gilbert “closed strong” amongst rivals at Keystone Debate

RENO, Nev. – March 25, 2022 – According to top news sources, Joey Gilbert was the top performer at the Keystone Corporation Gubernatorial Debate for candidates running for Nevada Governor.

The Nevada Globe’s Megan Barth had this to say about the event and Joey Gilbert, “[It was] A who’s who of Nevada politics–candidates, elected officials, GOP donors, and business owners were in attendance. I asked many of them who won the debate and a majority of them said that Reno attorney Joey Gilbert knocked it out of the park when he offered solutions to fix Nevada’s education system.

I grabbed a minute with Gilbert to share this feedback and ask him about his performance. He told me that he was ‘extremely happy’ with the response and the opportunity to debate.”

Joey Gilbert officially filed as a Republican for the 2022 primaries and gubernatorial race on March 11th, 2022, and has raised more than half a million dollars for his campaign.

Gilbert’s momentum for the Governor’s race is driven by a fervent grassroots following and high-profile endorsements including Ted Nugent, Aaron Lewis, Clay Clark, Dr. Mark Sherwood, Wendy Rogers, Jason Preston, Doug Billings, Mike Miller, Pastor Greg Locke, Bobby Piton, Senator Sonny Borrelli from Arizona, General Michael Flynn, Dr. Simone Gold, Captain Seth Keshel, Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, and the Lexit Nevada President—Frankie Rodriguez.

“Over the last two years, I’ve been fighting on my own dime to challenge failed policies and get rid of corrupt bureaucrats,” said Joey Gilbert, Esq. “As Nevada’s next Governor I will fix our broken elections, revamp our public school system, unleash our economy, make our neighborhoods safe, drastically reduce the dictatorial power of the Governor, and repeal all unconstitutional mandates made without the approval of Nevada’s Senate and Legislature.”

I appreciate the Keystone Corporation for inviting me to participate in the debate and share why I am the only candidate with a winning strategy—and more importantly—a track record of success in defending our rights and freedoms,” said Joey Gilbert, Esq. “I’m here to win this fight for Nevadans. As Governor I will lead a dream team of world-class professionals capable of fixing the many issues facing Nevadans right nowAll I need is your vote.

About Joey Gilbert: Known as “The People’s Champ”, Joey has built a prestigious career as an attorney, former world-ranked middleweight boxing champion, Nevada Golden Gloves boxing champion, three-time National Collegiate boxing champion, four-time all-American, and a US Air Force Veteran.

Since March 2020, Gilbert has filed lawsuits against Nevada’s politically motivated & corrupt Governor to open churches, and won, sued to make early treatment medication accessible to all Nevadans, filed a lawsuit, and is currently in federal court in Las Vegas against the mask mandate on Nevada’s school children, and most recently filed a lawsuit, and is back in court challenging the mandatory vaccination of university students — especially those who have recovered from Covid-19. “I am not slowing down; I will remain in the fight for bodily integrity and our God-given constitutional rights.”

Joey is also Chairman of the Board and the Director of Strategy for America’s Frontline Doctors, where they have been involved with filing more than a dozen lawsuits across this nation on behalf of our military, healthcare workers, teachers, and students with regards to the unconstitutional mandatory vaccination orders of our corrupt government. Joey has been leading a crusade for the people — FOR THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICE & to leave personal medical decisions up to “WE THE PEOPLE” and PARENTS.

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