Marine Shock Trauma Platoon Creator Endorses Joey Gilbert for Nevada Governor

RENO, Nev. – December 23, 2021 — Commander Warren Gilbert (USMC-Ret.) has announced his endorsement of Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert. “I can’t think of anyone better to represent our state of Nevada as governor,” said Commander Gilbert about his son, Joey. “I think he has the ability to turn our state around.” That is a ringing endorsement from the man who helped flip Marine combat casualty rates during his service in Afghanistan. Gilbert explains in a video how he, a Navy officer physician, became a Marine officer in charge of its newly formed Shock Trauma Platoon. The medical platoon’s motto was “Taking Trauma to the Fight.” Commander Gilbert explained how 95 percent of Marines wounded in previous conflicts, like Korea and Vietnam, died of battlefield wounds. The Marines believed fewer Marines would die if their wounds were treated sooner, so they tasked him with improving survival rates. That is exactly what happened. “What was 95 percent of casualties became a 95 percent survival rate,” said Commander Gilbert. Commander Gilbert has been a physician for approximately 40 years. He has practiced medicine in Nevada for the last 25 of those years, moving to Reno in 1986 with his wife and three children. He currently serves as Medical Director of ARC Health and Wellness in Sparks. The proud father notes his son has been waging legal battles in the state to preserve citizen freedoms for the last 18 months. He said his son, Joey, was the one that got the churches open again, helped keep kids in sports, and fought against mask and vaccine mandates. “He was the one filing the necessary lawsuits against the establishment that was literally hurting our citizens,” the physician said. “Fighting for doctors to be able to treat their patients with drugs we knew worked but were being banned for frivolous reasons.” “When there is something Joey wants to do, nothing stops him.” You Can View Commander Warren Gilbert’s Endorsement Video HereAbout Joey Gilbert: Known as “The People’s Champ”, Joey has built a prestigious career as an attorney, former world-ranked middleweight boxing champion, Nevada Golden Gloves boxing champion, three-time National Collegiate boxing champion, four-time all-American, and a US Air Force Veteran. Since March 2020, Gilbert has filed lawsuits against Nevada’s politically motivated & corrupt Governor to open churches, and won, sued to make early treatment medication accessible to all Nevadans, filed a lawsuit, and is currently in federal court in Las Vegas against the mask mandate on Nevada’s school children, and most recently filed a lawsuit, and is back in court challenging the mandatory vaccination of university students —especially those who have recovered from Covid-19. “I am not slowing down; I will remain in the fight for bodily integrity and our God-given constitutional rights”. Joey is also the Director of Strategy for America’s Frontline Doctors, where they have been involved with filing more than a dozen lawsuits across this nation on behalf of our military, healthcare workers, teachers, and students with regards to the unconstitutional mandatory vaccination orders of our corrupt government. Joey has been leading a crusade for the people —FOR THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICE & to leave personal medical decisions up to “WE THE PEOPLE” & PARENTS. For more information about Joey Gilbert and his Nevada gubernatorial campaign, visit

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