Joey Gilbert Issues Press Statement Addressing Nevada Gubernatorial Debate

“Lombardo just told the world Nevada’s Republican votes don’t matter.” – Joey Gilbert.

RENO, Nv. – May 27, 2022 – Joey Gilbert, the only Gubernatorial candidate to receive the State GOP Republican endorsement, had this to say about Joe Lombardo’s closing comments in the recent Gubernatorial debate on channel 8 News Now.

“Just like Lombardo, Hillary Clinton’s arrogance convinced her that her establishment connections and deep state pockets would win her the election over President Trump. During the last debate, Lombardo’s closing statement sounded similar… ‘For all practical purposes, this Primary is over… There’s nothing more to argue about.'”

“Lombardo just told the world Nevada’s Republican votes don’t matter. He’s implying that the people of Nevada should ignore his maximum donations to Sisolak himself, his disastrous record on crime, his being pro-red flag laws, him being against constitutional carry, his anti-second amendment voting record, his violations of the constitution to include vaccine mandates on his own recruits and other blatant violations of conservative values. He also sat on Steve Sisolack’s transition team and advised him on sanctuary city policy—turning Nevada into a Sanctuary state.”

“He knows We The People awarded our campaign with the Nevada GOP State Endorsement—earning over double Lombardo’s vote total. We also won the Clark County GOP Straw Poll with a 92 to 7 landslide victory and the Elko GOP Straw Poll with a 40% to 7% margin! To me, he’s trying to deter people from voting by implying he’s already won. Believe this: he knows he doesn’t stand a chance if the people of Nevada get out and vote!”

“We can’t leave anything to chance—every single vote matters. Get in the fight! Make your voice heard!”

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