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hrive15.com Founder and Entrepreneurial Powerhouse Endorses Nevada Governor Candidate Joey Gilbert

Clay Clark says he’s the kind of guy that Nevada really needs RENO, Nev. – February 9, 2022 – Tulsa entrepreneur Clay Clark has joined the list of powerful backers of Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert. Clark has been building successful businesses since the age of 18 and was named the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year at the age of 20. He has consulted with companies in a vast array of industries. He educates, inspires, and coaches teams and businesses on the specific action steps that are required to grow. The former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year hosted the ReAwaken America Tour where he had the opportunity to meet Nevada entrepreneur and candidate for governor, Joey Gilbert. Clark’s passion for freedom leads him to seek out exuberant patriots. “As Americans, we enjoy freedom, but freedom is not free… I’m always looking for fighters who are willing to fight for freedom, therefore my research took me to Joey Gilbert.” The Minnesota native cited evidence that the Great Reset is already in full-swing. “America is under attack and it’s made possible by election fraud, medical fraud; it’s called the Great Reset. It’s a plan made by Claus Schwab that calls for the release of a synthetic gain-of-function virus, quarantines, curfews, lockdowns, mask mandates, and ultimately forced vaccinations.” “It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s actually happening and we need people that are awake to the harsh truth, the harsh reality of what is going on and people who are not afraid to fight back.” Clark recognizes that Gilbert is the best chance Nevada has in order to stop the Great Reset and correct the course. “Joey’s proven himself to be a fighter in the ring, outside of the ring and he’s the kind of guy that Nevada really needs to bring into the governor’s office.” Clark appealed to fellow freedom enthusiasts in his endorsement of Gilbert: “If you have a sound mind and you love freedom, I encourage you to vote for Joey Gilbert to be the next governor for Nevada.” Watch The Full Endorsement Here: https://rumble.com/vuigyg-thrive15.com-founder-and-entrepreneurial-powerhouse-endorses-nevada-governo.html About Joey Gilbert: Known as “The People’s Champ”, Joey has built a prestigious career as an attorney, former world-ranked middleweight boxing champion, Nevada Golden Gloves boxing champion, three-time National Collegiate boxing champion, four-time all-American, and a US Air Force Veteran. Since March 2020, Gilbert has fought in court against Nevada’s politically motivated & corrupt Governor to open churches, and won, sued to make early treatment medication accessible to all Nevadans, is currently in federal court in Las Vegas against the mask mandate on Nevada’s school children, and is back in court challenging the mandatory vaccination of university students —especially those who have recovered from Covid-19. “I am not slowing down; I will remain in the fight for bodily integrity and our God-given constitutional rights.” Joey is also the Director of Strategy for America’s Frontline Doctors, where they have been involved with filing more than a dozen lawsuits across this nation on behalf of our military, healthcare workers, teachers, and students with regards to the unconstitutional mandatory vaccination orders of our corrupt government. Joey has been leading a crusade for the people AND THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICE & to leave personal medical decisions up to “WE THE PEOPLE & PARENTS.” For more information about Joey Gilbert and his Nevada gubernatorial campaign, visit https://www.gilbertforgovernor.com/.

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