Front-Runner Governor Candidate Joey Gilbert Responds to CCSD State of the Schools Speech

Press Statement by Joey Gilbert concerning Jesus Jara’s State of the Schools speech today 

Vegas, Nev. – March 11, 2022 – In his 34 minute State of the Schools speech today, Superintendent Jesus Jara made an unarguable case for why every CCSD parent and taxpayer should demand his immediate resignation.

By what he both said and didn’t say in his “Don’t blame me” talk, Jara proved that the half-a-million dollars per year salary he’s received since 2018 – and the $6 Billion per year budget he’s been entrusted with have been worse than wasted.

• Jara repeatedly stated that he cannot fix CCSD schools by himself; that it’s the entire community’s responsibility (Who would continue the employment of a CEO who excused a lousy product by whining that manufacturing quality was not his or his employee’s fault, but blamed his community?)

• The Superintendent said the 80% functional illiteracy rate of CCSD students is due to “poor children,” “vulnerable children,” “the pandemic,” “racial inequity,” “systemic issues,” “not enough money,” “old curriculum,” and “an increase in mental illness,” to name just a few of his alibis. Jara laid no blame whatsoever at the feet of inadequately supervised teachers and incompetent administrators.

• Most disturbingly, Jara didn’t mention the real source of our school problems. He took a complete pass on acknowledging the presence of drug-saturated school campuses, repeated shootings, and campuses full of weapons. Jara said nothing about the daily assaults on teachers, student riots, out-of-control disrespect, and a 40-50% daily absence rate as even POSSIBLE factors in the academically dysfunctional, morally bankrupt, and socially dangerous red-hot-mess that the Superintendent has allowed CCSD schools to become.

Superintendent Jara’s speech DID actually offer – unintentionally – a compelling argument for the ONLY possible solution for rescuing our worst-in-the-nation schools: Fully-funded, no-strings-attached VOUCHERS for EVERY parent of EVERY school-age child. Until our public schools have to compete for students, there is NO motivation for them to change.

As Governor, THIS would be the first and most important step I would take to save Nevada’s future.

Contact: Paul White
Phone #: (775) 685 8200

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