Dr. Simone Gold Supports Joey Gilbert for Nevada Governor

Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD, backs Gilbert because he loves freedom RENO, Nev. – December 14, 2021 – Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD, a licensed physician and surgeon as well as an attorney and the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, today announced her support of Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert. A video of a press conference Dr. Gold conducted last year in front of the U.S. Supreme Court went viral on social media. The video was retweeted in real-time by Donald Trump Jr. More than a dozen physicians gathered at the first White Coat Summit to tell the world that early treatment was available, safe and effective, lockdowns of healthy people are ineffective, unconstitutional and unprecedented in public health, and masks don’t work to stop tiny respiratory viruses. More than 20 million people watched this press conference before Big Tech deleted it in eight hours. Dr. Gold earned a medical degree from Chicago Medical School and a law degree from Stanford University Law School. Then, she completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. Dr. Gold previously worked in Washington, D.C. for the Surgeon General and the Chairman of the Labor and Human Resources Committee. She met Gilbert about a year ago when she was looking for warriors who understood our nation was in an unprecedented crisis. It’s not just that he sees the fight; “it’s that he’s willing to engage in the fight,” said the doctor. “That’s what makes him different.” Dr. Gold has heard people in the State say Gilbert shouldn’t run for governor because he’s never held office before, but she considers that a huge advantage for him, not a hindrance. She notes he has organizational skills because he’s a father and a small business owner who knows how to balance a checkbook and meet payroll. “As the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, which is a non-profit, non-partisan foundation, I’m not allowed to endorse anybody,” Dr. Gold said. “However, speaking for myself, as an individual, I strongly support Joey Gilbert.” “He loves America. He loves Nevada. And, he loves freedom.”

About Joey Gilbert: Known as “The People’s Champ”, Joey has built a prestigious career as an attorney, former world-ranked middleweight boxing champion, Nevada Golden Gloves boxing champion, three-time National Collegiate boxing champion, four-time all-American, and a US Air Force Veteran. Since March 2020, Gilbert has filed lawsuits against Nevada’s politically motivated & corrupt Governor to open churches, and won, sued to make early treatment medication accessible to all Nevadans, filed a lawsuit, and is currently in federal court in Las Vegas against the mask mandate on Nevada’s school children, and most recently filed a lawsuit, and is back in court challenging the mandatory vaccination of university students —especially those who have recovered from Covid-19. “I am not slowing down; I will remain in the fight for bodily integrity and our God-given constitutional rights”. Joey is also the Director of Strategy for Americas Frontline Doctors, where they have been involved with filing more than a dozen lawsuits across this nation on behalf of our military, healthcare workers teachers, and students with regards to the unconstitutional mandatory vaccination orders of our corrupt government. Joey has been leading a crusade for the people —FOR THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICE & to leave personal medical decisions up to “WE THE PEOPLE” & PARENTS. For more information about Joey Gilbert and his Nevada gubernatorial campaign, visit https://www.gilbertforgovernor.com/.

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