As Governor, I will care enough to TRULY help the homeless.

As you may already know, over 1,000 homeless people are living underneath the Las Vegas Strip in pitch-dark, filthy sewage pipes. When I am Governor this is going to STOP!

To allow addicted and/or mentally ill human beings to live in filthy, degrading conditions is NOT compassionate. It helps neither the homeless individuals NOR their communities.

In Reno, government officials are ignoring federal law and allowing hundreds of homeless men and women to illegally camp on and pollute the primary water source for 500,000 Washoe County residents. This also stops immediately when I’m Governor.

I agree with how the chronically homeless themselves describe the situation: 90% of them are NOT willing to change the lifestyles that KEEP them on the street.

Food, employment, shelter, mental health services, and drug/alcohol treatment programs are abundant.

I will enforce the laws firmly and impartially so they can choose to be arrested or utilize the social services that can save their lives.

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